Introducing: The 7-Day K-Cup Challenge

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Good Morning Coffee Lovers!

Sunrise Blend: The Perfect Breakfast Coffee to Start Your Day

We've explored the world-renowned mountains of Kenya and Colombia to create a coffee blend from beans many coffee experts list among the five best in the world.  Experience a sweet floral aroma, a splash of meyer lemon citrus, and cherry-like acidity. Delicately full with a silky mouth-feel against a mild backdrop of cacao and spice flavors.

The Best Part of Every Morning Is The Smell of a Fresh Cup of Coffee

The Best Part of Every Morning Is The Smell of a Fresh Cup of Coffee

It All Started with a Palm Tree, On a Beach, in The Caribbean

A great cup of coffee is beyond an emotional ritual; it's the center of our soul. Rejuvenating us each day, awakening us from within. Drinking coffee on an island beach is such a joyful visual. We aim to duplicate that island experience: the escape and the vision of peacefulness by embedding that into your mind when you drink coffee.

The 7-Day K-Cup Challenge

Here's how it works

Join The Challenge

Join The Challenge

Get a box of our Sunrise Breakfast Blend Recyclable K-Cups ($15) today free. Just cover shipping.

Drink Blue Island Coffee

For at least 7 days in a row for breakfast. You'll get a box with 10 K-cups.

Enjoy Your New Favorite Coffee

No catches. No subscriptions. After 7 days you'll see 

Superior Coffee for Proud Coffee Snobs

Coffee Rating System

90-100 Outstanding Specialty
85-89.99 Excellent Blue Island Coffee
80-84.99 Very Good
< 80.0 Below Specialty Quality Starbucks, Folgers Not Specialty

The Right Bean,
Right Blend,
Right Roast

We promise you a bold and tasty coffee experience. If you don't feel that Blue Island Coffee meets your standards simply return your product within 30 days for a full refund.
No questions asked.


Take a mental
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Just cover shipping. Not a subscription.

Join The 7-Day K-Cup Challenge

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