Sunrise Blend Recyclable K-Cups (10 ct. box)
BREAKFAST ROAST (LIGHT). 10 k-cups per box. INSPIRATIONSweet floral aroma, splash of meyer lemon citrus, cherry-like acidity, delicately full, silky mouthfeel against mild backdrop of cacao and spice flavors. 
Hammock Reserve Recyclable K-Cups (10 ct. box)
MEDIUM ROAST 100% Colombian. 10 k-cups per box. INSPIRATION Medium-bodied with a juicy rounded acidity. Opens up with floral aromas, a satiny mouthfeel, unfolds into notes of cocoa and hints of vanilla bean. Carries caramel sweetness through the long finish....
Beach House Blend Recyclable K-Cups (10 ct. box)
DARK ROAST. 10 k-cups per box. INSPIRATIONThe body is big and syrupy, brimming with flavors of blackberry, cassis and grapefruit. The sweetness shows a backbone of caramelization and complexity against the weighted mouthfeel of juicy ripe fruits. As it cools,...
Surf City Recyclable K-Cups (10 ct. box)
MEDIUM ROAST. 10 k-cups per box. INSPIRATIONConcentrated explosion of aromatics, mid-palate seduction with honey burst sweetness and a creamy mouth-feel. Medium acidity showing tangerine top notes. Just a hint of bitter sweet chocolate and roasted almond on the finish. 
Bikini Blend Recyclable K-Cups (10 ct. box)
FRENCH ROAST. 10 k-cups per box. INSPIRATIONSmooth, bold, and flavorful with hints of unsweetened cocoa and berry fruitiness. Winey, earthy, herbaceous aromas. The sweet notes in the cup present brown sugar and molasses. A bit of smoky volcanic soil taste...
Island Espresso Recyclable K-Cups (10 ct. box)
VIENNA Medium/Dark ROAST. 10 k-cups per box. INSPIRATIONIntense aromatics of blueberries and apricots. Wild jamminess complemented by an exotic mocha flavor. Experience distinctive rich, dark chocolate with resonating notes of jasmine.
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