Sunrise Blend (Light/Med Roast)
Citrus, Cherry, Cacao INSPIRATION Our SUNRISE BLEND is the perfect breakfast coffee to start your day!  Blends from Kenya and Colombia give this coffee a sweet floral aroma, a splash of citrus and cherry-like acidity.  It is delicately full with...
Surf City Blend (Med Roast)
Honey, Tangerine, Chocolate INSPIRATION Our SURF CITY BLEND is a great coffee to keep your energy going!  Blends from Guatemala and Nicaragua create concentrated explosions of aromatics!  You will notice a mid-palate seduction with honey burst sweetness and a creamy...
Hammock Reserve Colombian (Med Roast)
Cocoa, Vanilla, Caramel INSPIRATION Our HAMMOCK RESERVE COLOMBIAN is our 100% Single-Origin coffee from Colombia! This coffee you can taste the climate of the mountains it came from. It is medium-bodied coffee is juicy rounded acidity and opens up with floral...
Island Espresso Blend (Med/Dark Roast)
Blueberries, Wild Jam, Chocolate INSPIRATION Our BLUE ISLAND ESPRESSO is the perfect island hopping coffee.  Blends from Ethiopia, Nicaragua, and Guatemala create intense aromatics of blueberries and apricots. This coffee has wild jamminess complemented by an exotic mocha flavor! You...
Beach House Blend (Dark Roast)
Blackberry, Caramel, Graham Cracker INSPIRATION Our BEACH HOUSE BLEND is the perfect everyday house blend for all coffee lovers.  Blends from Indonesian Islands this coffee is big and syrupy, brimming with flavors of blackberry, cassis and grapefruit. The sweetness shows...
Bikini Blend (French Roast)
Bold, Earthy, Toffee INSPIRATION Our BIKINI BLEND is our darkest roast!  Blends from Indonesia and Central America makes this coffee smooth, bold, and flavorful with hints of unsweetened cocoa and berry fruitiness. It has winey, earthy, and herbaceous aromas. The...
Raspberry, Milk Chocolate, Tobacco INSPIRATION Our SAVE THE SHARK  is a single-origin medium roast coffee made with beans from Congo! Start SHARK WEEK off with this masterful blend.  We use premium specialty coffee beans and each order is roasted fresh.  Proceeds from each bag...
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Blue Palm
Seasonal Summer Offering INSPIRATION Our BLUE PALM RESERVE BLEND is a limited supply premium specialty blend.  Each year we create a new blend with amazing coffee from across the world.  Our roaster is the best creating something unique and special with new crops offerings....
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