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our roots


Drinking healthy is as important as eating healthy. Blue Island Coffee was created in the Caribbean while sailing island-to-island, beach-to-beach, exploring and escaping every day.  Staying energized, hydrated, and healthy was always important for our daily active lifestyle!

A great cup of coffee every morning is beyond an emotional ritual, it’s the center of our soul. Rejuvenating it each day, awakening us from within! Drinking coffee on an island beach is such a strong joyful visual; we wanted to create a brand to always take us there!


We wanted to duplicate that experience, the escape, and the vision of peacefulness, the intoxicating aroma and fragrance that coffee imbeds into our mind.

At Blue Island Coffee we created amazing coffee and coffee beverages to always remind us where our happy place is and to rejuvenate and energize!

We are simple.  We try to stay centered on helping others, our environment, and living healthy and fit. We love the sun, the islands, the surf, and of course…coffee!



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