Experience Hot Summer In A Cold New Way

Specialty-grade cold brew pouches for sophisticated coffee lovers


Brew It In Your
Fridge Overnight

Brew It In Your

Let’s face it, making cold brew is a soothing but complicated process. You need whole coffee beans, a grinder, a French press, a cold brewer, and about 2-3 DAYS.
Life is already complicated as it is. We’re here to take your coffee ritual to a whole new level.

You Deserve More
Than Watered Down
Cold Coffee

Coffee is an emotional connection. It stimulates you mentally and physically. Breakout from the monotony with Summer’s coldest new drink. Every sip gets you one step closer to your happy place.
Take your taste buds to a place they’ve never been before.

Smooth, Blissful,
and Bold

“I love bitter, boring coffee” - said no-one ever.
Blue Island Coffee is made with sustainably sourced high-quality beans that achieve cupping scores between 80 and 85 making it specialty-grade coffee.

Total Score Quality

90-100 Outstanding Specialty
85-89.99 Excellent Blue Island Coffee
80-84.99 Very Good
< 80.0 Below Specialty Quality Starbucks, Folgers Not Specialty

Order The World's
Best Tasting Coffee

Order The
World's Best Tasting Coffee

2 Cold-Brew Boxes
12 Pouches

$2.91 /cup
Total Price: $35.00

4 Cold-Brew Boxes
24 Pouches

$1.87 /cup
Total Price: $45.00

6 Cold-Brew Boxes
36 Pouches
+ 1 FREE Tumbler 

$1.38 /cup
Total Price: $50.00



Get a FREE Cold Brew Tumbler ($19 value) when you order 6 boxes or more!

How To Make Blue Island Cold Brew

Get Your Floaties Ready!

Drop it like it's hot

Drop it like it's hot

Drop one brew pouch in a 12oz
glass of cold water.

Let it sit

Brew 8 to 12 hours in fridge.

Pour and enjoy

Remove brew pouch. Add ice
along with water or milk and

The Right Bean,
Right Blend,
Right Roast

We promise you a bold and tasty coffee experience. If you don't feel that Blue Island Coffee doesn't meet your standards simply return your product within 30 days for a full refund.
No questions asked.

Take a mentaL break
from the day

Take a mental
break from the day

Cool down with

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