No More Watery Iced Coffee!

Here are a few ways to create your own iced coffee at home without that watered down taste! 

Step 1:  Mix your brewed Blue Island Coffee with your choice of creams and flavors.


Step 2:  Pour into ice cube trays and freeze for at least 5 hours.


Step 3:  Place the frozen coffee ice cubes in your cup and wait for them to melt.  


Step 4:  ENJOY a delicious iced coffee without the watered down taste!

Cake + Confetti Coffee Review

A good cup of coffee ranks high on my priority list nowadays + Blue Island Coffee from H-E-B is my most recent favorite! I use individual filters for my Keurig so I can have a fresh cup multiple times a day. Plus it’s a local Texas brand!


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ReviewsLeigha Hager
NEW Cold Brew Pouches!

Our Cold Brew Coffee Pouches are new in the market and offer an option for those curious to cold brew flavors and mixing! We offer a simple, clean, no mess option to making cold brew overnight and mixing in the morning with favorite mixers. Cold brew is much smoother, sweeter, with low acidity for a great taste throughout the day. 

cold brew pouches

Blue Island Coffee Cold Brew Pouches are an at home cold brew package.  Each box contains 6 cold brew pouches.  Each pouch makes 8oz to 12oz.  It's easy!

1) Drop one brew pouch in a 12oz glass of cold water.  

2) Brew 8 to 12 hours in fridge.

3) Remove brew pouch.  Add ice along with water or milk and enjoy!

Available in 3 brews.  Deep Blue, High Tide, and Beach Bungalow.

Kaohs Swimwear Giveaway!

Blue Island Coffee has teamed up with Kaohs Swimwear to host a Labor Day gift package giveaway!  The prize includes a size small blue Kaohs 2 piece bikini and a Surf City blend coffee bag.  The package is a $165 value and includes US domestic shipping.  

Head over to our instagram page @BlueIslandCoffee to participate in the giveaway.  Repost onto your page to be entered in.  Good luck!  

Escape to Nassau

At Blue Island Coffee, we believe in the power of escaping.  Whether it's by jumping on an airplane to the closest island or by simply closing your eyes in the middle of your work day and imagining your toes in the warm soft sand with blue waters washing up onto the shore in front of you.  

Escapism is the tendency to seek distraction and relief from unpleasant realities.  We recently escaped to the island of Nassau in the Bahamas for a weekend getaway.  The clear glistening blue waters provided us a natural setting for our product photoshoot.  We put together 3 reasons why you should make your escape to Nassau too!

1. Sun, Sand, & Local Culture

Not only does Nassau host some of the most beautiful beaches in the world but it offers visitors a chance to interact with locals and experience Bahamian food and culture.  The place to be is called "Fish Fry" that opens around lunchtime and is lively until about 10pm.  Fish Fry is a strip of locally owned bars and restaurants that serve local dishes commonly including conch and other fish.  Both locals and visitors can mingle together.

2. Clear Blue Waters

The waters in Nassau make the island a certified "Blue Island."  The ocean water is clear and different shades of turquoise and blue as you look out into the horizon.  Nassau provides a variety of ways to enjoy the waters including jet skis, snorkeling adventures, and our favorite; shark diving!  Stuart's Cove provides a day excursion to the adventurous swimmer.  The tour takes you to two different snorkeling spots along the Great Barrier Reef then finally to a swimming hole where you can snorkel with sharks.

3.  Explore the Caves

The island of Nassau has a beautiful nature excursion available where visitors can explore natural caves.  Explore the grounds of The Lucayans who were the original inhabitants of the island from the 10th century to the arrival of Christopher Columbus.  Located just west of Cable Beach on West Bay Street.  The trip will last a few hours and the sightseeing inside the caves offers a great place to cool off after a day at the beach.  Plan your escape today!  

Plan your escape today!  Order Blue Island Coffee with free shipping!  3 bags for $40 with code "BlueIsland" at checkout.